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Citizens "The Originals"

Bonesville and the first citizen of the Underworld
The first CroSkulls civilization of the Underworld was born here, the population count of 6666 Skulls also called "The Originals". The trading economy is founded on copper, the coins ($Grave) are forged only with the purest metal and their technology progression is based on the discoveries made by the mad scientist in the Laboratory. A civilization based on fishing, chicken farming and timber. Thanks to the Vikings Skulls the carpentry sector it's growing day by day, pushed by the financial investments of the Kings (Landowners) and the strategist team of the Prismatics that want to discover what is happening on the new Island in front of Bonesville. Strange noises and lights were seen on that island... The Skulls Captains and the pirates also claim that the exploration by boat will be faster and safer than the regular methods pushed by the Barbarians, that until now were the only ones exploring and defending the border of the city with their Rusty Army soldier. Fame, desire to explore and the promise of new land to claim has led to the creation of different adventure groups! Here is a map of the Underworld and what we know right now about it.