Like any self-respecting city, Bonesville has its own bank where you can earn $RUDE or more $GRVE with your $GRVE.

What is The Bank and How it Works?

Bonesville Bank is the place where you can provide $GRVE or GRAVE/CRO LP and farm other rewards. We provide 2 different mechanism that generate rewards for both Single Token Staking and Liquidity Pool Tokens (LP Farm). In the Bank section of our Dapp, you can find 2 different section:
  • Central Bank ( Stake $GRVE receive $RUDE )
  • LP Farm ( Stake GRAVE/CRO LP Token receive $GRVE )
  • LP Farm ( Stake GRAVE/CRO LP Token receive $RUDE )
  • LP Farm ( Stake GRAVE/SLSS LP Token receive $RUDE )

Central Bank

Central Bank Contract
Central Bank enable the Skullers to provide and lock their $GRVE for fixed period of time. When Claim user will receive the calculated $RUDE and the Staked $GRVE (minus a 0.3% burn fee).
To generate the ARY and rewards, the Central Banks uses a total dynamic algorithm based on the Sigmoid Formula and some Contract Variables. The Final user ARY is calculated based on:
  • The lock-up period (14, 30, 60, 180 or 365 days) - higher period = higher ARY,
  • The amount of staked $GRVE + total user $GRVE % share in the bank - higher $GRVE amount = higher ARY ,
  • The amount of Wishbone + total user Wishbones % share in the bank ( wishbone is the main ARY Booster – you can use up to 300 wishbones per contract ).
The $RUDE is paid out at the end of the lock-up period and the ARY ( Annualized Rude Yield ) will increase every minute while reaching the end.

Contract Calculator Tool

Central Bank Contract Calculator
To make it easier to choose the best ARY for you, put in the amount of $GRVE you want to stake in the Calculator section, and play around with different amounts of wishbones (0-300, each wishbone costs 0.3 $GRVE) and contract duration.
Once you hit "Calculate" you will see the different options for lock-up periods and how much calculated $RUDE rewards you will get at the end of the lock-up period.

Other details

Bank max. ARY is equal to 333%
You can run multiple contracts at the same time
ARY grows everyday and reach his Final Value while approaching the contract end date. ARY and rewards grows only when the contract is un-claimable.
Max Wishbones amount allowed is equal to 300 ( costs 0.3 * 300 = 90 $GRVE )


LP Farm View
Providing Liquidity to our LP GRAVE/CRO enables you to Stake your LP Token and Farm $GRVE rewards. The LP Farm mechanism is simple, efficient and has low fees. Users can provide GRVE/CRO LP on both mm.finance and croswap.com.
Every confirmed block ( avg. 5s on cronos ) the contract will distribuite 0.10 $GRVE among all the stakeholders based on the share percent. Every day approximately 1000 $GRVE are released.
The LP Farm Contract has Rewards equal to 200 000 $GRVE, that will be released until block number 4276755.
Other available lp's are GRVE/CRO and GRVE/sSLS, with staking inside our bank's LP Farm section, both of which lets you farm $RUDE.