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Participate in unique Raffles using your $GRVE and win WL, NFT, $GRVE, $SLS, $RUDE and much more!
Fortune Favours The Bones
You got it right! Even CroSkulls like to enjoy raffles, especially when the prizes are so good.

How I can Participate in Raffles?

Participate in CroSkull raffle is really easy, and require just 1 simple requirement: have $GRVE in the wallet. All CroSkull Raffles requires $GRVE to cover the entry fee.
Accessing our Dapp, under the Raffle section you can navigate through all the active and past raffles and easily filter them.
Raffles have:
  • Ending Date
  • Unlimited or Limited Participants
  • Different cost
  • Differents Winners ( max 10 )
  • Different Type
In Bonesville there're 2 types of Raffles:
  • Normal Raffle: Works as a normal raffle, when the end date or max participants is reached, winners are generated. (All done on-chain).
  • Fast Raffle: Every new entry decrease the remaining time based on the % coefficient.

Useful details

Each Wallet can participate just one time per Raffle
Prizes will be airdropped manually by the team every time a Raffle end