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Missions are not always easy, and with them comes the problems of hard-fought battles…. When returning from missions, EvoSkulls/Pets will sometimes be afflicted with a Malus debuff.
Item Shop
Greedy for $GRVE like few others in Bonesville, the merchant has traveled the underworld talking to the best doctors around and managed to acquire the cures needed to remove these afflictions from your EvoSkulls/Pets. He has made sure to bring with him a proper stock of these items.
The effects of the Malus debuffs can only be removed if the specific item required to cure it is used on the afflicted Evo/Pet. The Evo/Pet can have more than one active Malus debuff and can continue to do missions while afflicted by the Hunger and Sadness Malus, but the Freezing Malus makes it unable to partake in further missions until it is healed.
Go to the merchant: https://app.croskull.com/#/itemshop​

Mystery Box

The merchant will have the Mystery Boxes available for sale. Each mystery box contains 1 out of the 3 cures needed to remove the malus. The probability of the contents of the Mystery Box is a 1 in 3 chance for each of the 3 cures.
  • Cake (when your Evo/Pet is hungry)
  • Merchant sand (when your Evo/Pet is sad)
  • Hot tea (when your Evo/Pet is freezing)
The merchant accepts all the CroSkull ecosystem currencies, thus: $GRVE, $SLS and $RUDE

Shop in $GRVE

You can buy mystery boxes in bulk, and without limit:
  • 10 x Mystery Box = 20 $GRVE​
  • 20 x Mystery Box = 36 $GRVE​
  • 30 x Mystery Box = 50 $GRVE​

Shop in $SLS

Limited to a maximum of 3 boxes daily:
  • 1 x Mystery Box = 60 $SLS​
  • 3 x Mystery Box = 150 $SLS​

Shop in $RUDE

Limited to 1 Mystery box daily at a cost of 50 $RUDE.​
All the $GRVE, $RUDE and $SLS used to buy these items are 100% burnt.

Other Possibilities of Getting a Box

Owners of a Founder Pet can daily claim 1 Mystery Box for free (non-cumulative).
The merchant and the entire village of Bonesville are constantly expanding, stay tuned…