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Each passing season of CroSkull will feature more development, more discoveries from the underworld and new features!

What is a Season?

The seasons are an innovative system for a decentralized game, the CroSkull Adventures will be divided into 10 initial Seasons, each of these will have a duration of 100 days.
By sending your CroSkull on an adventure you generate 3 $GRVE daily per CroSkull. Each season has an allocated amount of 2,299,500 $GRVE for the adventure mode. This is the maximum allocation for each season if 6,666 Croskull are on adventures (Staked) and all 333 EvoSkulls are minted and getting their 9 $GRVE daily for the full length of a season. The bank rewards have an allocated amount of 1,149,750 $GRAVE for each season.
All the allocated $GRVE tokens for each season that are not given out as rewards to the NFT holders or as bank rewards, will be burned at the end of the season.


If 3000 CroSkulls are on an adventure, with 0 EvoSkulls getting their $GRVE for an entire season of 100 days. The total amount of farmed $GRVE will be: $ 900,000 $GRVE out of $ 2,299,500 $GRVE allocated for the seasons adventures.
This means that $ 1,399,500 $GRVE (unprocessed) will be burned at the end of the season

What happens after the 10th Season?

At the end of the 10th Season (1000 days), $GRVE will no longer be distributed, which will become a governance token in effect. but $SLS and other rewards will continue to be distributed.