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What are bitCroSkulls

bitCroSkull — Our exclusive ordinal collection
bitCroSkull is a commemorative collection of 333 skeletons forever inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. All the ordinals are inscribed under the threshold of 1 milion inscriptions and are handmade by the wide-known pixel artist Shadowbright in collaboration with the CroSkull's Team.
bitCroSkull is a tribute to our community and ecosystem built on the Cronos Chain, one of the goals of releasing this collection was to expand the CroSkull Brand.
The entire bitCroskull collection was designed by a well-known Cronos Chain artist: Shadowbright, with due support from the entire team for the unique features and traits. The bitCroSkulls are a single limited series of 333 pieces. 66 of these are unique pieces with exclusive features, while the others will have randomised traits.
Benefits of holding a bitCroSkull?
  • Free access to "ordtool", a tool suite for ordinals created by our head dev Al Cabones (The tool can be accessed here: https://bitcroskull.com/)
  • You will own an ordinal inscribed under the 1 million inscruption threshold.
  • More to come in the future... BRC20 is coming
How can you buy a bitCroSkull?
The collection is available both on Magic Eden and Ordinals Wallet