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Sharded Souls - $sSLS

Sharded-Souls are fragments of souls (18 decimals), whereas the normal souls are not fractionable. $SLS has 0 decimals and can therefore only be whole numbers.
To exchange your $SLS, you need to break them into $sSLS, this is done through the fountain. The fountain does take a 20% tax when used, for converting both $SLS into $sSLS and $sSLS into $SLS. Example: If you want to convert 100 $SLS into $sSLS, you get 80 $sSLS (80% of the original 100 $SLS). The 20% tax is paired with $GRVE (provided by the ecosystem) and automatically added to the liquidity of the LP GRVE/SSLS.
The $sSLS value is variable and decided by the market.