Bonesville Auction House - Where every object has a story to tell
Bonesville Auction House
How it works:
  • $GRVE will be used for auctions
  • To create an auction, a 100 $GRVE burning fee must be paid
  • The auction has a time limit and an initial bidding price and you can choose the minimum bid increment. (The minimum bid must equal the current bid plus the minimum bid increment)
  • If no users participate in the auction, the creator may request the return of the NFT (The burning fee is not refunded)
  • If there are valid bids, when the auction expires, the creator can take the $GRVE of the winning bid; the winner of the auction can claim the NFT; those who bid without winning can take back their previous bids
  • If a user places two bids because the previous bid was outbid, the $GRVE to be deposited will be equal to the value of the new bid minus the previous bid ($GRVE already deposited)
Happy bidding!