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TrustScore System

The TrustScore system was implemented to allow users to have extended accumulation periods for their EvoSkulls and pets passive rewards. The higher the TrustScore, the longer the accumulation period.
A users TrustScore represents the number of $GRVE the user has locked in the tavern TrustScore section. The higher the TrustScore value, the longer the accumulation period for the user’s rewards (EvoSkull daily 9 $GRVE, and the pets passive 1 $SLS daily.) Users with our SBT will receive an added benefit of obtaining the same TrustScore at a 20% discount on the locked $GRVE amount.
TrustScore requirement table
Furthermore, the new rewards system introduces a malus for deposited $GRVE in the TrustScore System, which is subject to a percentage-based burn if withdrawn before 60 days. This means that users who withdraw their $GRVE before the 60-day period ends will be subject to a proportional malus burn based on the remaining time.
To increase their TrustScore, users can deposit $GRVE multiple times over longer periods. However, adding $GRVE does not reset or increase the malus time. The malus effect is activated on the first lockup or upon withdrawal of $GRVE, and lasts for 60 days. The malus value is directly proportional to the remaining malus days, for instance, if there are 60 days of malus remaining, withdrawing will cause a 60% burn, and if there are 40 days of malus remaining, withdrawing will cause a 40% burn of the locked funds in the TrustScore system.