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Potions's Cauldron and EvoSkull Evocation

One of the main feature of the Laboratory is the Potions's Cauldron, where you are able to merge together the Blue and Red potions, and create the Purple Potion.
Search for 'Croskull Potions' on Ebisu's Bay
For our late adopters we have created in collaboration with Ebisu’s Bay, a marketplace where you can buy and sell the red and blue potions that were airdropped. So those of you who want to purchase those potions for an EvoSkull, will have the opportunity to do so.

Sesonal Egg Hatching

In the laboratory you will be able to hatch your Seasonal Eggs and receive the Seasonal Pets. These are able to do Mission and PVP Battles (Coming in the future).
Pets Summoning
Each new season of CroSkull Advenutres will explore new regions of the Underworld, and will feature new seasonal pets!