CroSkulls NFT

CroSkull lives in the Underworld, a new world that is ready to explore… Monsters, Dungeons, Adventures and treasures are waiting for you! The first settlement ever discovered were Bonesville.

The Project

CroSkull is a collection of 6,666 NFTs randomly generated and stored on the Cronos chain. Each CroSkull NFT is based on over 6 attributes with different rarities. The vision and intention of the team from the beginning has never been to create simple jpegs but to create a way to keep developing and give value to each NFT Ecosystem, Staking, Community, Adventures, everything will take shape in this mysterious world called the Underworld. Our Record:
The mint was divided into two phases: whitelist on 27/12/2021 until 28/12/2021 and Public Sale on 29/12/2021. On both occasions we had an extraordinary response from our community, selling out in 5 hours and 30 minutes.

The Underworld map

Underworld map


The long-term vision of the project is to create an ecosystem and a Metaverse that revolves around the CroSkull NFTs. Our first goal is to give utility to our skulls that will different from the usual PFPs; Through the implementation of the Staking system and the addition of GameFi on our site we, will be able to give concrete utility to our NFT.
Important Notice: All of the text on this site is subject to change before and after the launch of CroSkull. We may need to balance and adjust the system as time goes on. We are committed to improving the CroSkull Metaverse over time.